Ways to become more attractive

Sometimes I am insecure on the way my bust look. I have an "A" cup size. I was not able to inherit my mother's bust size. All of us sisters did not inherit one of my mom's beauty assets and that is having a "B" cup size bust. When I'm going to lie flat my bobs goes along with it. The sagging becomes noticeable after giving birth to my two kids. My husband when watching TV would appreciate women with big bust. It really made me so insecure. I know that my husband loves me but I think it will boost my self confidence if I will have a breast enlargement surgery. But I must not just pick any ordinary cosmetic surgeon. I must choose the one with the highest satisfaction rate. Not like the one I saw in our local TV, the famous local female surgeon in our country. She herself has an unsymmetrical face. If she can't reconstruct her face properly why should I be her patient. One reputable cosmetic surgery I heard from my friends is the Mya Cosmetic Surgery. My friend said that Mya Cosmetic Surgery offers a simple, quick, safe, and most tested cosmetic surgery procedures.
For me I will only choose cup size "B", like that of my Mom and would like to regain the firmness of my bust, like I used to be.


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