First Day of the SFS Training(May 5, 2009)

I went to MSU-IIT at 8:00 o’clock in the morning. I observed that all trainers were there but many of the participants did not arrive yet. Most of the Participants arrived late because probably their home is far away from Iligan City.

The opening program started late at around 9:30 in the morning. All trainers were then pressured of the time because we knew that module 3 must be completely given to the participants to prepare them for the practice session which should happen the next day.
Ma’am Rhea was the first trainer and she was tasked to deliver module 1 and 2. I learned a lot from her since she delivered module 1 and 2 using the Enhancement Getting Started Course. The use of the different classroom scenarios and activities especially the Glass half-full problem gave an instant and clearer understanding of module 1 and 2 to the participants of this training compared to the National SFS training that I had experienced.

When it was my part, I did not discuss module 3 exercise 1& 2 because it was already discussed by Ma’am Mona during the opening program. I proceeded to exercise 3 which explains about the session structure of the Getting Started of the Unit I: Technology and Community.

The thinking of handling participants coming from outside Iligan City made me so nervous. Adding to my nervousness was the presence of Ma’am Mona, despite having the knowledge that she was there to help us improve our skills in handling trainings. I admit that I was nervous but I am also thankful of her presence because I learned a lot from her. She taught me how to be firm when giving instructions to the participants. I was at first not much of an imposer because I was thinking that they are my fellow DepEd employees and many of them are older than me.
Being not an imposer made the participants worked alone instead of collaborating. So Ma’am Mona reminded the participants to work in group for them to be able to feel how the students would feel when they go back to their stations.
In looking for their pair, I used candies to find their partner. This gave them an idea on pairing techniques.

I was thankful to Ma’am Amy and Ma’am Joy who provided me with a real postage stamp samples. I tried looking for stamps before the training but I was able to collect only 3 stamps and not enough for the 23 participants. Preparing things needed for the seminars made participants feel that trainers are well equipped.

I would admit that there were lapses. I can feel that Ma’am Rhea was able to notice it but she was hesitant to share her ideas or just give her signals.

In module 4, I tried to recall or ask the participants about their experienced from the Demonstration session. Then, they were asked to prepare for their own practice session of Technology and Community. They were also informed ahead whether they are assigned to practice-demo module 5 Word Processing or Module 6 Spreadsheet. They were not informed about what specific part of the session structure assigned. Letting them practice all parts of the session structure.

At the end of this day, they were given an assignment to answer questions found on Module 4 exercise 3 from step 1-7 to prepare them for the practice session the next day.
I assigned a participant to lead the prayer for each of the succeeding days as requested by Ma’am Mona during the lunch break.

Written feedback was solicited from them. It was all positive on the part of the trainers aside from the energizer that they requested to be a part of the training sessions and the complaint of the speedy conduct of day 1.

Debriefing follows after Day 1 of the training proper. We were informed by Ma’am Mona of the following activities for the next day:

• Process the feedback
• Instruct participants to make the folder( to be saved on my documents)
• 15 minutes allotment for individual planning of the participant to prepare for the practice session and the rest of the time allotment for module 5and 6
• Facilitator assigned was informed to share their own ideas anytime or signal the trainer incase she missed some activities or highlights.


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