What is the scientific concept behind the ability of oil to remove hard dirt in the outer ear?

Sometimes, we parents tend to forget cleaning the outer ear of our kids and dirt starts to build up until it’s hard to remove by just rubbing it with wash cloth. In a situation like this we usually remove the hard dirt in the outer ear with cotton swab soaked in little amount of oil. This procedure has been so effective. In fact, we have been practicing this from our parents but do we know the scientific concept behind it.
Oils are composed of non-polar molecules. Non-polar molecules are the primary components of oil. Each of these molecules has an equal distribution of the positive and negative charge and it is said to be neutral. Hard dirt has similar property as the oil. That is the reason why dirt will dissolve easily in oil.
The solubility rule states that “likes dissolve likes”. Non-polar molecules interact with non-polar molecules. Non-polar substances dissolve non-polar substances. The non-polar molecules have enough energy to break the bond between non-polar molecules. The non-polar molecules are structurally compatible with it’s own kind that is why they interact and dissolve each other.
Water is polar and outer ear dirt can’t be removed with it.


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