Usual Questions Asked by the Panel Members or Judges

Listed below are the possible questions of the Panel Members or Judges. You may provide answers ahead to prepare for a research project defense. Rehearse all possible answers orally.

Background Knowledge:
Why did you become interested in the topic?
What is the purpose of the project?
What other information or studies did you find very helpful in your research?

Experimental Design:
What is the hypothesis of your study?
What variable did you intentionally change?
What response did you observe or measure?
What did you intentionally keep the same?
What group did you compare the others against?Why?
How many trials did you make to test you hypothesis?

Materials and Methods
What materials did you use?
What steps did you follow in conducting the experiment?

Result and Conclusion
What results did you find?
How did your results relate to your original hypothesis?
What conclusion did you make?
If you will repeat the project, what would you suggest to do differently?
Which group in the community would be interested in your project?
What was the most important thing you learned from the experiment?

Taken fromResearch II A guide to Investigatory Project (instructional Enrichment Material for Special Science Classes of S& T- Oriented High Schools)


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