Bixa Orellana Linn. Seeds (Atchuete) as Potential Source of Paint Pigment


Paints make houses and buildings beautiful and colorful which makes them attractive. This study was to determine the effectiveness of Bixa Orellana Linn seeds (Acheute) as a source of pigment in making milk based paint. The achuete were chosen for the study because it is rich in tannin and can easily be found or bought in the market and found in high land areas.It contains tannin that composes in a pigment that is used in making paint. Achuete seeds contain 70-80% of tannin.Some of the sub-problems were to find the color of the finish product made out of pigment from achuete seeds so 30 female respondents will be ask to observe the finish product and determine its color.
The researchers gathered all the materials and insured all were cleaned.Atchuete seeds were pounded and the powdered form is now the pigment. For the binder, the researchers used skim milk to produce a casein which acts as the binder.The pigment were soaked and the skimmed milk was boiled to form a precipitate. Results show that Bixa Orellana Linn seeds can be used as a pigment in making milk based paint.


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