Save Electric Bill up to $ 2,689.4

Do you know that cooking meat or vegetables in small sizes can save your money as much as 2, 689.4 US dollar a month? Wow that’s a big money to save. You can buy many things you like…
Cutting meat or vegetables such as potato when cooking would increase the surface area by at least 1/3 or more depending on how small are the pieces. As we all learned in our middle school chemistry “Increasing the surface area increases the rate of reaction”. So increasing the surface area speeds up the cooking. It will save not only your electric bill but also your time. Giving you more quality time to be with your family.
Here is what will happen with the 1cm length of the side of each edge of the cube using the formulas below.

To enlarge the diagram please click on it.

According to the Idaho department of environmental quality the average monthly residential electric bill in the US in 2006 is 791 kWh.
If per kWh cost 10.2 cents (Nat’l Energy Information Center Washington DC) then the average American electric bill is 8,068.2 US Dollar. If you minimize the energy usage by chopping your meat or hard vegetables into small pieces upon cooking, you will save 1/3 of your electric bill at about 2,689.4 US Dollar. Believe or not. It’s all up to you to decide. My assurance is that… it is scientific!


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