Silly Me

Picture beside is my daughter. Teaching her with her lesson in school is never easy. I can still remember when I was teaching her to recognize color at the age of 4. I pointed to a door made of wood and told her that is color brown. She nodded and then I instructed her forcefully to always remember and NOT to forget. Immediately, I pointed to another material which is of the same shade and ask her what color is this? I was dismayed because I saw her with a puzzled face and was so silent. Then I realized that I was silly not to teach her ahead that there are different shades of brown: dark and light. Teaching her has the need to be creative and imaginative not like my son.
You must be a thinker to analyze why a child was not able to get what you want him/her to learn. There might be something wrong with you as a teacher. Experts say that to be a good teacher is to understand individual differences in learning.
Now, with my patience and her teacher in Special Education (SPED), Iligan City Philippines she was able to recognize all sort of colors with all kinds of shades. Thanks for knowing the THEORY of Individual Differences.


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