If Not because of the Internet I wouldn’t be promoted!

Yesterday I was so happy to be informed that I am promoted. Applying for that promotion was never easy. I went through a lot of hurdles. Getting my Graduate Course was the easy part than applying for a promotion. Here in the Philippines a lot of grafts and corruptions going on. According to the International Survey Philippines ranks the 2nd most corrupt country all over the world.
Being promoted was not easy. You have to agree on things what your Boss likes, even to the extent of doing things that are illegal. But I am not a person who always agrees on things. It is also against my will to pay a big amount of money just to be promoted. I know that many persons out there are like me. That’s the reason why many Filipinos are going abroad.
Knowing the system around me in getting a promotion I still took the couraged to apply for an ERF last 2005 with my credentials it was approved last January 2006. I was so confident having read in the INTERNET on the guidelines for ERF promotion. For me not to be misunderstood by the Human Resource (HR), I waited patiently and was hesitant to follow up and asked when I can have an item? And be allocated with a budget from Department of Budget and Management (DBM) so that I can enjoy an increase of salary...
Almost three years had passed, last October, I was informed by our HR that I was deleted from the Plantilla. She asked me to see her and bring the original copy of my approved ERF. I looked for it from my old cabinet s at home and at school. Luckily I found the form and brought it to her office. I showed the form and it was received and signature was affixed by the former HR last February 2006. She then explained to me that there are many dates appeared on my approved form and she was beating the deadline and failed to indicate my approval date on the application for the Plantilla. Hearing from her explanation, I felt like time stops. I was so dissatisfied and disappointed with her explanation. I was aware that I deserved to be promoted more than those who were approved. Experience wise, I served ten years in this company than others who only served for three years. I even trained those persons who were promoted than me. My world turns upside down… and thinks there must be away to fight for my right! To my disappointment I kept on searching for ways… I asked my co-employees what to do… but they answered that I must have failed to pay P 50,000 for a promotion. At the back of my mind, I must not tolerate this Evil system. I kept on telling myself that there is really a way. There was no person to advise me what to do to get what I deserved. Even my own mother would say that it is not really meant for me. I guess she just said it because she heard that one of my anti administrator co-employee in her 50's had a broken gums because she was punched by an unidentified person. In my searched for justice… I found myself focused on my notebook and instantly loaded with the rich information from the Internet. I found out that my situation was either a negligence of duty or tampering my approved ERF. I then gave a letter to our administrator asking for a written explanation regarding my situation and that if they would not respond on solving my case I will seek help from the highest authority. Of course it was never easy there were a lot of things happened between the lines. I was fortunate enough that I was able to defend myself like a lawyer. Thanks to the Internet...

I think I owe to treat everyone when I'll receive my differential :-)


Anonymous said...

congratulations! hehe but I recently heard that the Philippines just surpassed the previous most corrupt (I think it was Indonesia) country , so now its us who rules the corruption world haha

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