Pointers for the 2nd Grading Examination

II. Research Problem

1. Demonstrate ability to formulate a reseachable problem
1.1 Formulate the research problem
1.1.1State the main problem and sub-problems of the research
1.1.2 State the significance of the research problem Cite information and express the significance of a research problem
1.1.3 State the scope and limitation of the research problem
III. Hypothesis
1. Demonstrate competence in formulationg a hypothesis
1.1 Distinguish the types of hypothesis
1.2 Describe directional and non-directional hypothesis
1.2.1 Distinguish between direcitonal and non-direction hypothesis
1.2..2 Give example of each
1.3 Formulate a hypothesis in 3 ways
1.3.1 null hypothesis
1.3.2 alternative hypothesis
1.3.3 cause and effect statement
2. Demonstrate the ability to identify the variables involve in research investigations
2..1 Describe the term variable that can be investigated by researchers
2.1.1 Express thought orally explaining what is meant by the term “variable”
2.1.2 Distuinguish the types of varibles that might be investigated by researches in science
2.1.3 Explain how variable differs from a constant
2.1.4 Distinguish between a quantitative and a categorical variable
2.1.5 Explain how independent and dependent variable are related
IV. Review of Related Literature and Studies
1. Write the review of related literature and studies section of research report.
1.1 Distinguish between related literature and related studies.
1.2 Apply the guidelines in preparing the review of relted literature and studies.
1.3 Define the terms/variables of the research
1.3.1 Express in correct words variable of the research
V. t-test for two Correlated Groups


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