Express effectively the meaning of scientific research

Title: Meaning of Research
I. Objective: Express effectively the meaning of meaning of research.
II. Materials: Photos that show a dramatic scenario of the need to conduct research.
III. References:

Darkwa, O. (199). Introduction to Social Work Research. University of Illinois at Chicago. Retrieved June 14, 2008 from http://www.uic.edu/classes/socw/socw560/INTROSWK/sld001.htm

IV. Lesson Proper:

A. Motivation: Visit these Online photos:







B. Strategy: Generate ideas from the students why is research important. Ideas must be based from the pictures given.

C. Evaluation:

Multiple Choice:
1. Which is FALSE about research?
a. A systematic way of asking questions.
b. Helped explain observed phenomena.
c. Suggest solutions to a problem.
d. Put our lives to risk.

2. Which research skill is not used by Nurses?
a. Gathering information from relatives / carers who accompany the patient to hospital
b. monitoring and reporting of patients mental state
c. Give a prescription to patients.
d. Negotiating individual daily counseling sessions with primary clients to identify and problem solve various issues;

3. Mankind is benefited from research because it helps to
a. find a way to solve rice shortage problem.
b. invent explosive materials to be used in fishing.
c. discovering virus.
d. improve the quality of fruits through GMO

4. The following are the reasons why research is important to businessmen EXCEPT.
a. improve the quality of the product.
b. increase the sales of competitors.
c. increase number of buyers.
d. come with a good marketing strategy.

5. Which NOT the result of developing a research culture in our country?
a. updated technology.
b. left behind.
c. competitive goods
d. abundance and sustainable food supply.

V. Assignment: How useful is research to architects?


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