Sometimes employees can’t be trusted to be quality and quantity wise with their work assigned. And employers would spend much of his/her time to oversee employees that are not honestly working well. So sad that employers waste so much time on keeping an eye on his/her employees instead of starting to work with transacting another business or working on other most important engagement. Thankfully, in this high tech world there is software that can keeps track of employees work virtually even without visiting the employee from time to time in person.
Activity tracking can be done offline and online by installing the software ActivTrak – available in free trial version. ActivTrak allows monitoring on how employees’ computers are actually being used in each windows workstation. It records and display a statistics on all activity of the computer being used such as websites visited with url and document title. There many more features you can find so fulfilling being an employer. Many are so satisfied with ActivTrak. Try your free trial version now.


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