Playing Billiard

Many young people and adult in the Philippines are playing billiard. It is one of their favorite sports. When they don't have anything to do, they would resort of playing billiard. In fact it is next to computer gaming as past time among young generation. My husband also loves to play billiard and when he misses his ball, he would blame to the pool cue not to himself. Usually he will just replace his pool cue. That is why it is important to buy your pool cue at meucci cues with less deflection than other brands. As of now, since it is summer vacation he can spend a lot of time teaching our kids how to play billiard. It would be a good diversion of kids attention in computer gaming -which I think does not teach our kids with proper sports attitude. In playing real sports a lot of positive  attitude and good sports character will be learnt. A good spices toward the success of our kids career and as whole their lives.


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