4 Common Problems met in doing Group Research Projects

Common problems observed by a teacher from students doing group projects are as follows:
1. Unable to decide on what research project to do.

To facilitate this kind of problem a teacher must ask the students on whether all members are interested on the research project. Let them also consider the resources, capability and the span of time for the study to finish.

2. Presence of reluctant members to cooperate.

The solution is to break the project up into separate tasks. Assign a student and set a due date for each portion of the chapter. Monitor their progress regularly.

3. Disagreement on things while doing on the project.

Teacher must monitor progress regularly and recognize the effort of each member.

4. Wanting to leave the group.

Teacher must never allow one member to leave the group or else students will never learn how to work well in groups. Working in group is the real scenario when they are in their workplace in the future as they graduate from college and be employed in a certain company.

Above all these problems the primary solution lies on how frequent the teacher is monitoring and how willing are the students to do well on their project.

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