Our Own way to celebrate world teachers' day

Teachers were so surprised with the World teachers' day celebration program honored to all teachers in our school by the SSG Supreme Student Government. The program lasted 2 hours and we were given flowers and balloons by our students and a snack from SSG.
Some of my students apologize for not giving something but a mere greetings of saying Happy teacher's day! would make my heart happy because no matter what, I love my students so much...They have grown so much. I have known them since they were second year students (14 years old) now that they are fourth year students (16 years) some grown taller than me.

Seeing you happy -all of my students -would make my teacher's day celebration complete. Happy teachers' day to me!


Roschelle said...

there is no profession more admirable than that of a teacher. Everyone who's anything owes it to the person who taught them. Congrats to all teachers everywhere!

Teachers Board Exam (LET) Result for September 2009 said...

Hi, Happy Teacher's Day to you!

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